Ultra Low Noise Linear Power Supply, using LT3042

Small power regulator PCB, with AC inputs and DC output.

  • 78xx as a pre-regulator, to reduce power loss on the LT3042 and to increase the max. input voltage
  • Output voltage: 0-15V
  • Output current: max. 200mA
  • Input voltage: max. 20VAC

Setting the Voltage

The LT3042 has a very nice way to set the output voltage. Instead of using an internal voltage reference and an external voltage devider, a constant current is driven through a user settable resistance, which is then the reference voltage!

U_out = 100uA * R1||R2

e.g. with R1||R2 = 50kΩ, U_out = 5V


KiCad project


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